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Indemnity – not sure what this is? In a nut shell, we offer you insurance in the event you are hit with a tribunal claim. Our insurance will cover all of your tribunal costs, any legal fees and compensation awards, so there is no risk to your company.

HR software – cloud based online solution. Control personnel files, absence records including holiday and sickness. Facilitate your annual appraisal process along with fun statistics!

Documentation – we will supply, create and administer all of your required documentation for all processes; cradle to grave, ensuring the administrative burden is taken away from you.

Telephone/Email advice – you will have access to our dedicated phone line providing you with support 24/7.

Recruitment – we will create your job specification, advertise on all relevant portals, review all applications and put forward potential candidates for interview.

Restructuring – whether reorganising your employee structure/org chart or making changes as your company evolves, we will be on hand to offer advice at a strategic level.

Redundancies – in the event that you are required to carry out this exercise we will ensure that you are compliant with all legislation, guide you through the process and ensure it is completed within the relevant time frames.

Appraisals – we will provide all relevant documentation and advise on the process.

Onsite presence – a member of our HR team will have a presence at your office as per the requirements of your business. These days can be used to offer support to your employees along with project based work; i.e. obtaining IOS, appraisals and strategic planning.

Performance management – in the event that you require support in addressing employees’ performance we will help you to manage the individuals providing relevant documentation and carrying out the process in line with legislation.

Grievance/Disciplinary – we will assist with this entire process from issuing documentation to carrying out the investigation and ensuring you adhere to the strict process and time frames.

Maternity/Paternity/Parental leave – an incredibly complex process! Don’t worry; we will carry out all pay calculations, risk assessments, documentation, holiday accruals, absences and the return to work process.

Absences – problems with short persistent absenteeism or long term sick? Let us help you to establish the issues and deal with the employees effectively.

Policy updates – we will ensure that your company is aware of any legislative changes and developments within employment law and update your documentation accordingly so you don’t have to.

Strategic meetings – as and when required, including attendance at management/board meetings.

Record keeping – setting up and consolidation of personnel files; ongoing and when required, ensuring all staff correspondence is recorded.

Additional Services

Payroll – we can provide this service to you so that all of your HR and Payroll needs are administered by one provider.

Health & Safety - regardless of the number of employees in your organisation, being able to demonstrate a comprehensive health and safety structure is an important part of any tender to win new business. Especially if your prospective client operates within the public sector.