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This is an extremely important area of any business operation and it is vital to keep up-to-date with current legislation. This is easier said than done, since legislation is constantly evolving and there are many details that must be implemented correctly. Even the simple aspects of recruiting staff can be troublesome as this does require consistent selection criteria, through to pre-employment checks. These together with contracts of employment, the handbook, offer letters, policies and procedures, discrimination, redundancy and dismissal, are just some of the areas in which we specialise. We have an advice line.
Of all the problems facing employers, redundancy and dismissal rank amongst the most timely and costly areas to deal with. Employers are often tempted to take short cuts or simply skip parts of the process; running high risks of becoming involved in litigation claims. It is not just a question of treating outward-bound employees fairly and lawfully; there is also the question of the effect a messy redundancy or dismissal has on the rest of your staff. We advise on how to handle the processes properly and professionally.
In most instances, grievances can be alleviated before they become real problems. We have a ‘nip it in the bud’ philosophy that prevents distress and expensive disruption for employers and employees. Managed properly, disputes can be contained and their effect on general staff morale can be minimised.
Why engage with expensive agencies when we can recruit for you – the people who know your business. Not only will we supply you with candidates most suited to your business and that will fit well within your existing team, but we will also carry out telephone interviews, first interviews and job specific tests. Only then will the candidates be sent across to you for second interviews saving you a huge amount of time and money. Plus when you see the right candidate we can automatically issue them their offer of employment and contract.
We offer a full range of up-to-date documentation templates to support our clients in delivering best practice in all areas, from pre-employment through to departure. We also draft the contracts of employment and employee handbook.
Our popular management training programme, aimed at managers with people management responsibilities will help to develop skills in people management. Tailored to your training requirements, our programme can include management workshops, appraisals, disciplinary, the equality act and much more...
  • Develop your managers and provide them with the necessary skills they require to carry out their jobs effectively and efficiently.
  • The ability to manage people well can have a huge financial impact on your company.
  • Employee turnover rates, cost of talent retention, litigation experience, and employee tenure are just some of the metrics you should look at to try to gauge the effectiveness of your management staff.
We appreciate it is not always feasible for all your managers to be available for a whole day of training, so we will work with you and the business needs to agree a suitable time scale as to when and how the training is carried out. We can offer the service in-house, off-site and over a number of days.
Health and safety is one of those areas, like redundancy and dismissal, where smaller businesses tend to take shortcuts. It is not advisable. Not only are you placing your staff at risk, but co-workers and members of the public may also find themselves in harm’s way. Extremely high compensation claims may be the result of proven negligence on your part. Health and safety is dealt with under criminal, not employment law, so it is essential that you are fully compliant with the latest requirements. You have a duty of care for the safety of all individuals associated with your business, and as a business owner have a duty to carry out regular risk assessments. It also makes excellent business sense. Health and safety law applies to all businesses of all sizes. It covers all employees, whether full or part-time, permanent or temporary, work experience, apprentices and charity workers.
If you can keep it off-site you can also keep it confidential. By outsourcing your payroll to our in-house experts you save on the number of staff you need and the office space. We provide a complete outsourced service, including PAYE, with the ability to deal with the requirements of Real Time Information (RTI) and Auto Enrolment. Using our HR expertise we can highlight any issues that arise from your payroll at an early stage, for example persistent absenteeism; we can then take the necessary steps to solve these problem areas.
Providing HR is not just about drafting documentation and ticking boxes whilst ensuring compliance is adhered to. Organisations need to identify key staff and ensure those they want to nurture and grow within the company receive the relevant development opportunities and training. A selection of our clients request our attendance at their monthly strategic management meetings, and our part is to listen to their business plans regarding organisational change and how that can be achieved. We then put forward recommendations to ensure that the outcome is met and in a timely fashion. We provide an update on any news and upcoming changes in the world of employment law, so our clients can prepare for any impact to their business. Our inclusion in these important meetings improves our knowledge of the business, so we can help the business grow and give the right advice that proves commercially viable.


  • “I’ve worked with a few HR companies over the years and after joining Magus Private Wealth, I got in touch with Ward Williams as I knew they would look after our business in a professional, proactive way and that everything would be simply taken care of.

    Over the last 5 years Ward Williams have helped both me and the business immensely and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others. They are hugely knowledgeable and always on hand to offer help, advice and support”.

  • “Ward Williams HR have become a valuable part of our organisation and are very much part of our team and are well known to our staff. They have a fantastic understanding of our business and culture and offer a personal service. WWHR are readily on hand to deal with any queries we have and make themselves available to attend meetings when we need their expertise, guidance and support. The team are friendly and great to work with and have made our difficult job a lot easier”.

  • “I worked closely with Kate Dockley at Ward Williams to overhaul the template employment contracts and associated documentation which Norland Agency gives to its clients.  Nanny contracts are quite unique and Ward Williams helped us to ensure that all elements were relevant and tailored for the purpose, for example making language, usually used in corporate employment, relevant for employment in a family situation.

    In addition to providing the updated documents, Kate came into the offices at Norland to provide a tailored training session taking us through each document to ensure that staff were confident in how to interpret the documentation and to support clients and nannies in their use. We really appreciate the time that Kate and the team spent with us to ensure a truly tailored service from start to finish”.


  • “Right from the start I found Sally and her team so supportive and helpful. In a very short space of time they got to know us, and our business. We find their knowledge and advice invaluable and for me it’s a comfort knowing that I can tap into their services as often as I need to”.

  • “For a growing company to keep up with all the red-tape associated with HR would normally require a full-time employee with exceptional knowledge and resources, however, with Ward Williams HR we are able to rely on them completely and yet still have the flexibility and professionalism generally associated with Internet start-ups”.

  • An external HR perspective is tremendously helpful in order to fully understand the challenges and more importantly the best approaches and solutions to the range of issues that arise. The team at Ward Williams HR provide direct access to an invaluable perspective with sound experience and knowledge.

    Jim Walton, Kerbang
  • “Ward Williams has always given excellent service and charged their work at competitive rates. I have found Sally Phillips and Jane Watford to be highly professional, reliable and always approachable in relation to our monthly payroll and HR matters”.

  • “The ongoing service and support has been excellent and the resources we now have access to makes the whole process of managing our HR correctly a lot easier. Sally makes herself available to come and sit in on any meeting”.

  • “Compared to our previous HR advisers, they offer a completely personal service, rather than just standardised advice from someone we don’t know over the phone. Our managers found Sally’s initial visits very valuable and it gave her a good understanding of our operations and our management style”.

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